Performance Clutching

One of the most effective and cost efficient improvements you can make to a snowmobile for better performance is the addition of a quality and properly matched clutch kit. Factory clutching is intended to provide the optimal compromise for all riders and riding conditions and leaves a lot of performance on the table. A heavily modified engine can make 190 hp but without the correct clutching may not be able to get out of its own way.

Straight Up Performance and Salvage does not offer stock boxed clutch kits - for good reason. All sleds are unique and variables such as rider weight, altitude and even track profile can have a significant impact on which helix will work the best. The team at Straight Up are known as some of the foremost clutching experts in Southeast Michigan.

From improved trail performance to full competition drag set-ups, Straight Up will assemble the highest quality components into a kit that is ideal for your combination and riding conditions. Give them a call today to discuss your clutching needs.

Straight Up Performance and Salvage

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