Fuel and Intake

Arctic Cat
Straight Up Big Flow Intake For Firecats
Increase the hp and get better throttle response from the high flow airbox intake. Works on all Firecats, M-Series, and Crossfire. Carb or efi. $20.00


D&D High Flow Exhaust Manifold
Bolt this D&D high flow manifold on your Firecat for an instant power gain using the stock or aftermarket single pipe. Noticeable gains in low to midrange acceleration and punch. Up to a four horsepower gain on some models with no other changes needed. Carb models have shown even a larger gain than EFI models. Works on all 2003-06 F7, F8, and F9 motors. 2003-04 models will come with a new updated pipe mount. $119.00
2007 F-8  $149.00
2007 F10 $189.00 12 hp gain



Arctic Cat

All twins V-Force III  $229.00

All triples V-Force III $330.00


900 Fusion/RMK 2005-06 V-Force III reeds $258.00
700 Fusion 2006 V-Force III reeds $258.00
700 XCR 1999 V-Force III reeds $348.00

Ski Doo
700 & 800 MXZ (Except REVS) V-Force III Reeds $319.00
REV H.O. V-Force III Reeds $319.00
600 Rev SDI 04-05 V-Force III Reeds $319.00
600 REV HO 2004-2006 V-Force III reeds $319.00
800 Mach Z CK3 1999-2003 V-Force III reeds $348.00
800 REV 2003 Mxz, Renegade, & HO Summit V-Force III reeds $319.00
800 Summit H.O., MXZ, & Renegade 2003 V-Force III reeds $319.00
800 Rev 2004-05 & Power Tek 2005-06 V-Force III reeds $319.00
1000 Mach Z/Summit/Renegade 2005-06 V-Force III reeds $319.00


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